Who is concerned by energy renovation?

In recent years, energy renovation has become a major political and societal issue, particularly in the real estate market. Protection of the environment and protection of tenants from thermal strainers are the main issues arising from the Climate Resilience bill. It gives rise to strengthened regulations and the prohibition of the rental of housing whose classification rises to E and G during their DPE (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique).

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What is energy renovation?

Energy renovation is the set of works that aim to significantly improve the energy performance of your property. Your home is scrutinized to locate the elements to be renovated to minimize your energy consumption.

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It covers a wide range of work such as:

  • insulation work (windows, entrance doors, walls, roof);
  • the installation of an energy-efficient heating system (wood stove, heat pump, boiler).

Combining several types of work increases the efficiency of your energy renovation.

Who is concerned by the energy renovation works?

With the Climate and Resilience Act enacted in August 2021, all housing on French territory will have to undergo energy renovation work to progressively eliminate "passoires thermiques", i.e. energy-guzzling homes. At this stage, there is no obligation as such.

Owners of property for sale

If you own a property and wish to put it up for sale, you must carry out an energy audit in addition to the DPE (diagnostic de performance énergétique), particularly if your home is characterized as a heat sink. If your property has an F or G rating, you'll need to carry out an energy audit before you can sell it.

Good to know : at this stage, this compulsory audit does not apply to condominiums. In 2025, this audit will become mandatory for E-rated properties, and in 2034 for D-rated properties.

Owners of rental properties

With regard to rental property, rents will no longer be allowed to rise, and certain categories will be banned from rental, particularly if you own a :
  • dwellings classified G+ have been off-limits to tenants since January 2023;
  • G-rated units from 2025;
  • F-rated units from 2028;
  • E-rated properties from 2034.

Energy renovation work is essential to improve your property's rating and prevent it from being withdrawn from the market, which can have serious financial consequences.

What are the financial aid energy renovation ?

There are a number of financial aids available to help you finance your energy renovation work.

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This is a public program to develop energy renovation work for owners of homes over 15 years old.

The amount of this assistance varies according to the nature of the work carried out and your household income. There is, for example, a comprehensive renovation package to support homeowners who come to undertake energy renovation from A to Z.

To distribute the different levels of MaPrimeRenov assistance, the French government has decided to associate each household profile with a color, here for comprehensive renovation.

MaPrimeRénov' Blue

For low-income households, 50% of the cost of the work, excluding taxes, is covered, up to a maximum of €17,500.

MaPrimeRénov' Yellow

Also aimed at low-income households, this scheme covers 35% of the cost of work, excluding taxes, up to a maximum of €12,250.

MaPrimeRénov' Violet

This program is designed to support middle-income households up to a maximum of €10,000.

MaPrimeRénov' Rose

It applies to households that can be considered affluent, with a maximum grant of €5,000.

Good to know : To benefit from MaPrimeRénov', you need to undertake comprehensive renovation work through RGE-qualified craftsmen.

Homeowners must meet a number of criteria, including achieving a minimum energy gain of 35% (for blue and yellow profiles) or 55% (for violet and pink profiles) as a result of the work.

As a homeowner, you need to meet a number of criteria, such as guaranteeing a considerable improvement in your property's energy consumption as a result of the work to be carried out, up to 35% if you have a blue or yellow profile and up to 55% if you have a purple or pink profile.

Other energy renovation grants

There are also other grants that can help you finance your energy renovation work.

The Chèque Energie

Well-known to many French people, the Chèque Energie is designed for low-income households with a reference tax income below €11,000 per consumption unit. It ranges from €48 to €277.


The eco-PTZ is a zero-interest loan to help you pay off the remaining costs.

Reduced VAT

Your energy renovation work can benefit from a reduced VAT rate, down from 20% to 5.5%.

Local authority grants

Depending on your local authority, you may be eligible for additional assistance. Please contact them for details.

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