Valuation for legal purposes

Why Expertise /Market value of a property

Expertise in the market value of a property consists in determining with exactitude the value of this property at a certain date.

A real estate appraisal is an essay by an expert who shall assume responsibility for economic and technical advice in an official report, to protect you and enlighten you in the case of a procedure or litigation.

Expertise responds to both the expert's competence but also his knowledge and know-how relating to properties. This formal report is always preceded by a complete and thorough analysis.

This estimate covers all types of property: House,

, cottage, apartment, commercial, loft, castle etc. This estimation can be performed on your primary or secondary residence, a property that is rented or own. The market value of a building or not building land can also be appraised.

In which case

To fix the market value of a property, a goodwill, or evaluate your property:

Valuations for Probate or Legal Purposes

• When selling real estate or real estate purchase.
• A divorce or inheritance.
• On a home loan or a tax return on capital.
• On expropriation.
• the fixing or revision of rent.
• of the contribution or restructuring of your company.
• Liquidation community.
• A sharing, donation.
• A foreclosure.
• Tax litigation.
• For a state of play for some bank loans.
• To obtain credit, pledge, leasing.
• For legal proceedings.

In what form

Whether technical expertise, economic or environmental, we establish our studies and findings in a report. This report serves to illuminate and secure your decisions. With the responsibility of the expert who is engaged, it can be very useful for a judicial or amiable negotiations.

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